What Consensus Speakers Are Looking Forward to This Year

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Fannizadeh: Many things! It’ll actually be my first time and I’m very excited. We’re almost a month away and I’ve already heard of many interesting events lined up and have meetings organized – I can’t wait to just get together with the attendees, I heard the crowd is excellent. I usually go to very specific community centric or legal and policy conferences. But Consensus is so comprehensive, right? It seems like a platform where we can reach “consensus,” discuss things with very different actors all in one place.

And you tell me, you’ve been. Is there anything I need to keep in mind?

Kuhn: Actually, there’s this programming track called Consensus @ Consensus, which sort of like small breakout groups that focus on very narrow but consequential questions. Those tend to be pretty interesting. I’ve only attended in person twice, and basically work like a dog, but Austin is a fun city in general.

Fannizadeh: Yeah, that usually happens at conferences.


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