Guarda announces its 8th crypto stalking validator

Guarda announces its 8th crypto stalking validator

As the benefits of stalking are increasingly being discussed in the crypto world, Guarda announces KSM as its newest stalking validator

In a press release today, non-custodial multi-platform and decentralised blockchain wallet provider Guarda Wallet announced that the firm is now an official validator for Kusuma Network, a scalable multi-chain network that is aimed at enabling cost-effective interoperability and scalability in the blockchain world. The development will enable users to stake KSM to Guarda’s validator and earn staking rewards.

What is Crypto Staking?  

Crypto staking refers to the act of holding funds in a wallet to support the security and operations of a blockchain network.


Allowing users to earn rewards for locking cryptocurrencies, staking is safe and simple for users to earn a passive income via crypto. One can take back the stake coins after a set time period and retrieve their funds plus the rewards, with fewer risks than trading and higher rewards than holding coins.

An optimal staking model offers to stake rewards based on the rate of inflation, alongside validator uptime and commission. This makes staking a much more attractive alternative to traditional banking savings.

KSM is a “perfect match”: Guarda

KSM is the 8th stalking validator hosted by the Guarda wallet and has 100% uptime, 14.3% APY, and 3% staking fees.  

“We are proud to announce that now Guarda Wallet has its own Kusama staking validator. That brings our users one more way to earn crypto right in the wallet, aside from currently supported ONE, ETH, ONT, and other staking options. Our next Kusama goal is the full wallet support of the coin,” Guarda wallet said in the press release.  

The firm called KSM a “perfect match” for its list of supported crypto assets and concluded by stating that there are more upcoming projects for the users to look forward to.

What does Guarda Wallet offer?

Guarda Wallet is a single destination solution to all cryptocurrency needs in the market. It supports most cryptocurrencies, enables users to safely store both crypto and stable coins and also facilitates the trading of cryptocurrencies. Its multi-functional approach, low fees and 24/7 support make it one of the top wallet providers to check out while participating in the crypto market. 

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