CryptoGames Becomes the Forerunner With the Inclusion of Solana

CryptoGames Becomes the Forerunner With the Inclusion of Solana

CryptoGames, is an online gambling site that has prevailed as a gambler’s first choice for online cryptocurrency casinos. It has built its reputation over the internet by serving its users with the best of all facilities.

The reputation of the casino has reached an unbeatable stage through endless progression and improvement. Now with the inclusion of Solana, CryptoGames becomes the first cryptocurrency casino on the internet to support the hottest cryptocurrency of the era. 

Behind CryptoGames’ decision to support Solana

The common issue we see today is that some blockchains lack ample throughput or decentralization. Recently, Ethereum has been in the spotlight for its list of cons such as high gas fees, slower transaction speed, low scalability capacity, and being less eco-friendly. 

While the Ethereum system’s scalability issue also defeats all its possibilities to gain back the confidence of the mass without being dependent on layer 2 solutions, the launch of Solana brings promises for the future. 


Solana solves the many common issues that older blockchain technology faces.  Solana uses a more efficient consensus algorithm and a unique structure for verifying transactions. The system preserves decentralization while simultaneously offering immense throughput. It achieves scalability, security, and decentralization, unlike no other blockchain.

Solana will prove to be a very strong rival for Bitcoin and especially Ethereum in the future. CryptoGames has decided to expand to Solana because of the fast advancements Solana has made in the crypto industry and its promising future

What is Solana? 

Solana, the top rival to currently dominating blockchain network Ethereum; was founded back in 2017 when Anatoly Yakovenko had published a whitepaper draft. The development of the blockchain platform was conducted by a team of Qualcomm veterans Greg Fitzgerald and Stephen Akridge along with former engineers from the famous Apple. Solana is a highly promising cryptocurrency that became an alternative to the Ethereum cryptocurrency space within a year of its launch. 

Brief dive into its background

Solana is a cryptocurrency that follows the pipelining concept that steers transaction information towards its designated hardware. It uses a data structure called Cloudbreak that is optimal for concurrent reads and writes across the network which makes the network more scalable. Solana mainly aims to lessen the confirmation latency along block times of any network. 

It has been estimated that Solana comes with the ability to execute 100,000 transaction mempool across a network of 200 nodes in a matter of seconds. The data storage of the cryptocurrency is transferred from the validators to a trusted network of nodes (aka Archives). 

Solana shows great potential to tackle any scalability limitations by providing an open-source that is decentralized. And when it comes to facilitating peer-to-peer transactions, Solana guarantees to provide uninterrupted service. Users are expecting an uncompromised experience along with smooth latency.

On top of all these, the fourth generation blockchain Solana has earned the confidence of millions around the world by simply offering higher security, decentralization, and impressive scalability. 

Solana in CryptoGames

By supporting the use of a newly launched cryptocurrency, gamblers’ favorite CryptoGames has yet again impressed global players. The online casino has now enabled the use of Solana all over the casino. This means the players are free to use Solana as their currency of choice for deposits, withdrawals, and exchanges.

Furthermore, all 9 games on board (Dice, Dicev2, Roulette, Slot, Video Poker, Plinko, Blackjack, Minesweeper, and Lottery) can be played using Solana. 

Let Solana change your gambling experience for the better

Against all odds, Solana has become one of the most trustworthy blockchains out there in the cryptocurrency world. It has reformed the faulty system to be better than ever. It is famously known as the Ethereum Killer, and it’s believed that its arrival will change any individual’s perspective about cryptocurrencies and online gambling for the better.

Therefore, without any further delay, be one of the early users of Solana with CryptoGames and its forever classic casino games. If you are looking for a Solana casino, head over to CryptoGames and start playing Dice with Solana today!

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