Block2Play Platform’s New Gaming Experience

Block2Play Platform's New Gaming Experience

The Block2Play platform is a tokenized decentralized platform that offers gamers all over the world a new experience with a role-playing game.

Each player has the opportunity to earn real money while playing. There are many different ways to earn money, as well as bonus prizes through missions or events.

The game

The game will be a GTA5 based and modified real-life role-playing game in which the player can earn real money through various jobs, missions, and more.

In addition, so-called chargeable or paid items can be purchased on an NFT basis in the game, which brings certain advantages to the player.


The player links their wallet (Meta Mask or Trust Wallet) with his player account in order to send or receive payments more easily. The Block2Play Game platform is limited to 5,000 players which are divided as follows:

VIP User Accounts : 1,000 players

Get 5 Random ItemsChoose a Faction

User Accounts –  4,000 players

Each player can design their character as freely and as individually as possible at the beginning. As in real life, the game character of the player has to eat, drink and sleep in order to survive.

Furthermore, attention should also be paid to the external appearance of the character to move up the career ladder and to get new, better jobs.

Jobs can either be legal, such as taxi driver, car mechanic, and manager. Or illegal such as a gang member, dealer, and car thief.

It is about being able to supply the game character and climb up the career ladder so that more money can be earned in the game.

The player can either choose to payout or reinvest and buy a faction such as a gas station, restaurant, mafia, biker gang to grow and earn more money.

The players can also earn extra money by passing weekly missions or events.

The game will also have a marketplace where players can buy items directly from the company, which are regularly available in limited numbers and editions. In addition, the players can sell items to one another at a fixed price, auction, or exchange items.

Items can be different objects in the game. Purchasing these gives the player certain advantages.

For example a higher success rate in a robbery. Items can be, for example, weapons, protective equipment, driver’s license, vehicles, or houses.

Each item is available in different categories and quantities. The categories are basically divided into three different classes:

The purchased items are traded as NFT and added to the player’s wallet.

Money system in the game

The money system in the game is based on the income from the membership fees of the players. A total of 90% of the fees are fed into the game, which guarantees a cash flow of €225,000 with the full number of players (5,000 players per month).

The rest of the cash flow in the game comes from sales on the marketplace through items and accounts. Prize money and bonus prizes come from the transaction fees of the marketplace.

Deposit and withdrawal system

Deposits are made in real-time and only require blockchain transaction time. Withdrawals can be made in a bank every weekend from Friday to Sunday.

Payouts can take up to two days, as each payout is manually checked and confirmed for security purposes.

Game currency

The currency in the game is USDT because it is a stable coin that does not show any major fluctuations in exchange rates and is based on the US dollar.

The Block2Play platform pays the entire transaction fees for withdrawals made in the game. All payouts can be tracked and observed by every player on the blockchain as well as in the game so that there is maximum transparency for every player.

The total number of B2P tokens at launch is 1,000,000 B2P of which an airdrop of 100,000 B2P tokens will be distributed to the pre-sale investors.

This means that 900,000 B2P tokens will be available at the launch on Pancakeswap.

The airdrop of 100,000 B2P tokens is blocked for six months and cannot be sold to ensure price stability.

The B2P token has an integrated printing system, which will be active from October 1, 2021.

500 new B2P tokens are printed every day. These coins can be burned, locked, or distributed among players as staking rewards.

Staking system

The B2P staking system pays off for investors and players. The existing tokens can be pegged in the back office of the official website.

The staking rewards come from the printing process of the coin stored in the SmartContract, which can have a maximum of 500 new B2P tokens every day.

NFT system

The items purchased in the game are purchased as NFTs and can be traded in the game on the marketplace, as well as on every NFT platform on the Binance Smart Chain. The NFTs are divided into three different categories: regular, rare, or epic.

It should be noted that the NFTs only have a function connected to the associated game and are otherwise non-functional trading cards.


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