A Powerful Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

A Powerful Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Experienced blockchain investors and cryptocurrency traders know very well how important it is to be equipped with the right tools for the job.

In the highly volatile cryptocurrency market, the prices of assets change so fast that using a subpar exchange can cost you time and money. That’s why traders who are focused on making serious gains prefer to make trades through high-quality cryptocurrency trading platforms like Altrady that provide users with a large number of extra features compared to typical cryptocurrency trading platforms.

From this article, you will learn what the core idea behind Altrady is and how using a premium cryptocurrency trading platform like Altrady can help traders maximize their profits while saving them a lot of time. You will get to know all the most essential features of the platform, such as Smart Orders and the Altrady Signal Bot, which combined together makes Altrady a cryptocurrency trading powerhouse.

The article also discusses the affordability of Altrady pricing plans and the groundbreaking new functions that will be added to the Altrady cryptocurrency trading platform in the near future.


Altrady is a cryptocurrency trading platform developed with a single goal in mind: to make cryptocurrency trading easily accessible to everyone. It’s a powerful set of tools that can be used together with most of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges on the market.

The cryptocurrency ecosystem is dominated by exchanges that weren’t really created to cater to demanding traders, but to simple retail investors who just want to buy some crypto and hold it for a long time. Altrady, on the other hand, is a trading platform made specifically for traders and by traders: all the features of Altrady are designed to make life easier for cryptocurrency traders, their risk smaller, and their profits bigger.

Unlike a large number of platforms that only provide the basic functionality of buying and selling cryptocurrency, Altrady allows people to benefit from a large number of extra features. Because of the powerful trading tools integrated into the platform, cryptocurrency traders are able to gain a better insight into the market, make more informed trades, save a lot of time, and make more money.

It’s worth mentioning that all kinds of cryptocurrency traders will be able to benefit from using Altrady. Beginners will be able to make their trading experience easy and effortless. Veteran traders on the other hand will be empowered with a vast suite of powerful tools such as Smart Orders, Crypto Base Scanner, Trading Analytics, and Signal Bot, allowing experienced traders to fully customize all their trades in order to minimize the risk and maximize their profit.

Main features of Altrady

Smart Trading

Altrady comes with a large number of tools allowing the traders to utilize advanced trading strategies. Some of the options such as the take-profit order are intended to help traders optimize their gains and make maximum profit out of rapid price movements. Other options like the trailing stop order allow you to mitigate risks and protect your gains.

Smart Orders

Altrady Smart Orders allow the traders to take full control over their positions, and enable them to simplify entry orders and automate exit orders. With Smart Orders, even the smallest detail of every trade you make can be tailor cut to fit your needs perfectly, and to greatly maximize your gains.

Web Trading

Altrady allows people to trade cryptocurrencies anywhere and at any time. Not only is the Altrady application available for all the popular desktop and mobile systems, but you can also use the web platform accessible from any device. With Altrady you don’t have to worry about ever again missing a great opportunity.

Trading Analytics

Most traders lose money by making trades without having sufficient information. Altrady provides instant and effortless access to high-quality historical data and market analytics, enabling traders to have full insight before making a trade.

Real-Time Market Data and Alerts

In a highly volatile ecosystem like cryptocurrencies, getting the right info is just as important as getting it on time. Traders using Altrady gain access to instant alerts informing them about all the important price movements.


Altrady can be integrated with almost all of the most popular exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase Pro, Huobi, Kraken, BitMex and many more. You no longer have to choose between exchanges, and you don’t have to waste time learning how to use a new platform.

Portfolio Manager

One of the most important things for cryptocurrency traders is keeping track of all their trades and investments. Altrady includes a clear and beautifully presented portfolio that allows the users to effortlessly keep track of all their current assets and the history of their trades.

Quick Scan

Quick Scan is a feature that allows the traders to be immediately notified about price movements with the potential for scalping opportunities and other possible profits. Whether the price goes up or down, Quick Scan will notice it and inform you of all the important events on the market.

Crypto Base Scanner

Crypto Base Scanner is a powerful tool designed specifically to help traders greatly improve their profits while using the QFL trading strategy. Crypto Base Scanner scans the market for preferable entry points and automatically notifies the user when it notices an opportunity to make a profit with the QFL strategy.

Signal Bot

Altrady Signal Bot combines the functionalities of Crypto Base Scanner and Smart Orders. The Crypto Base Scanner acts as a signal provider. The Signal Bot accepts a signal from the signal provider and uses it to automatically open a smart position based on the bot settings. Of course, like with all Smart Orders, the positions opened by the Signal Bot are 100% customizable and can be tailor-fit to perfectly suit your needs.


Greatly expanded functionality when compared to free exchanges and trading platforms naturally comes at a price. However, Altrady offers a great price to value ratio because the small subscription cost allows traders to increase their profits massively. Furthermore, Altrady allows the traders to select from three different pricing plans and choose the one that suits their needs best.

Basic plan includes all the core features of Altrady and costs only €14.95 a month. Traders utilizing the basic plan are entitled to almost all Altrady functionalities apart from some advanced trading strategies and analytics.

Essential plan provides almost all Altrady functions at an accessible price of €29.95 a month. Almost all features are included in this plan, except for two premium features: Base Scanner and Quick Scanner.

Premium plan is intended for the most professional and demanding traders. This plan costs €44.95 a month and includes all the features of the previous plans, while also adding two elite-level tools: Base Scanner and Quick Scanner. These scanners allow the traders to greatly increase their profits by making it extremely easy to find attractive tokens to trade. We were informed that this plan will have different pricing soon (probably €79/month and €663.6/year with a 30% discount)  based on all the new functionalities that are added.

Dedicated traders focused on making the most profit can get a 30% discount by purchasing an annual plan instead of a monthly plan. But that’s not all: every cryptocurrency trader is entitled to a 14 days free cryptocurrency trading subscription trial – you can try Altrady with no obligations at all, and purchase a subscription-only after you see for yourself how the platform can improve your gains.

How Altrady Smart Orders work

Altrady Smart Positions is a recently introduced feature that massively enhances the functionality of Altrady. Smart Positions enable you to enjoy 100% control over even the tiniest details of all your positions, which can give you a tremendous advantage over traders utilizing outdated, less functional, and less customizable trading platforms.

With Altrady, everything that is technically customizable in an order can be personally customized by you. This includes the following options:

Entry Side selection (Long/Short)Order Types:Regular MarketStop MarketRegular LimitStop LimitTrailing Stop LimitScales LadderTargets LadderSmart Orders (Any combination of smart orders can be added)Entry order expiration (Cancels your entry order after a user-defined period of time)Take Profit / Exit Ladder (Divide your entry order into two or more parts)Stop Loss (Protect yourself from losing too much when the market goes against your trade)Time-Based Auto Close (Automatically exit a trade that takes too long to reach either Take Profit or Stop Loss)Order Controls (Decide when your order will be placed on an exchange)Post-onlyTime in ForceAuto-confirm OrdersFutures Options (Only avaiable on Binance Futures markets)Reduce-onlyMargin typeLeverage

Using Altrady Smart Orders can completely change your entire cryptocurrency trading experience. You no longer have to leave any aspect of your trades to random chance or use the subpar default settings provided by an exchange. Thanks to Altrady Smart Orders, you can finally make the perfect trades that will be guaranteed to minimize the risk and maximize your profit.

What Is the Altrady Signal Bot?

Altrady Signal Bot can be used together with Smart Orders functionality to make your trading experience much easier. With Altrady, you don’t even have to place your Smart Orders manually – you can simply use the Signal Bot to make you place Smart Orders for you.

The Signal Bot uses the Crypto Base Scanner as a signal provider. The signals collected by the Crypto Base Scanner are used to automatically place a Smart Order based on the bot settings you provided. Crypto Base Scanner signal providers it’s developed by Altrady and used by many 3rd parties. 

Altrady Signal Bot can do everything a human trader can do. In other words, every Smart Order that you can place manually can also be relegated to the Signal Bot. The bot will track the markets 24/7 and open positions on its own, but will only realize the trading strategies that you configured, allowing you to retain full control over all your trades even if you are not personally placing them.

Altrady Signal Bot is constantly getting improved and new features are being added to it every month. In the near future, the Signal Bot will be enhanced with Grid Bot functionality.

Altrady Grid Bot will be an especially useful tool in situations when the market is going sideways and shows no clear direction. Grid Bot will help you to make successful trades by profiting from price fluctuations even in long periods of time when no clear upward or downward is present.

Features coming soon to Altrady

One of the reasons why Altrady is so quickly gaining popularity among cryptocurrency enthusiasts is that the exchange is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the most demanding cryptocurrency traders. New features are introduced on a regular basis, in order to keep up to date with the ever-evolving needs of the cryptocurrency community. 

Before the end of Q1 2022, Altrady will introduce a large number of new features:

New take profit options: free coins and trailing take profitGrid BotDCA BotMarketplacePanic ButtonSupport for more exchanges: FTX, ByBit, decentralized exchanges (DEXs)Support Wallets

These new features will increase the functionality of Altrady even more, and help Altrady meet its goal of becoming the most advanced and customizable cryptocurrency trading platform on the market.


Altrady’s growing popularity among cryptocurrency traders is obvious when we analyze all its features. A massive number of powerful tools integrated into Altrady empower the traders with a large number of benefits. A massive boost to profits will be most important to most people, but Altrady also works great at reducing the risks related to highly volatile markets and making the entire process of trading cryptocurrency more time-efficient.

A popular crypto motto says “don’t trust, verify”. You can verify the usefulness of Altrady yourself with the 14 days free cryptocurrency trading subscription trial, which allows everyone to try Altrady entirely for free with no obligations at all. Altrady is an excellent investment in your cryptocurrency trader career, and the 30% discount for all plans while purchasing a yearly subscription makes this investment affordable to anyone.

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